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Goan Association Germany e.V.

Location: Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany
Website: http://www.goa-germany.org

goanassociationofgermanyIt was on 14th of Dec.2002, a very cold & chilly evening, when a young and dynamic group consisting of Matano Gracias, Mariano Pereira, Renjula Noronha, Vito Oliviera, Brian Albuquerque and Jerome Simoes met at Matano´s residence. After the normal day‘s discussions and deliberations, all spoke of a common topic and that was of the socio-cultural needs of the Goans. Here it was keenly felt to have an Association of its own to cater to these needs.

With a population of approx. 2000 Goans & those of Goan origin in Germany, mainly in the Rhein Main area, this young group took it in their hands to realize this very justifiable dream. Later Matano invited some 30 people at his residence for a very informal get-together with food & drinks. It was spontaneously decided to form an Association. A hat was passed around and an amount of €265.00 was collected in form of contributions.

We are proud to announce that on 31st Oct. 2003 GOAN ASSOCIATION GERMANY e.V (GAG) was formally founded. It is officially approved by the Amtsgericht Frankfurt am Main under registration number VR 12625

Aims & Objectives

  • To strenghten the unity of the Goan Community in Germany
  • To collaborate internationally with other Goan Associations overseas
  • To promote & encourage the use of the Konkani language
  • To keep-up Goan traditions and folklore
  • To uplift Goan cultures & heritage
  • That the Association be of secular nature and open to all
  • That GAG wishes to assure everybody very clearly that we will not celebrate another feast of `Goencho Saab` St. Francis Xavier, as that has been traditionally celebrated for over 4 decades by Goans in Rüsselsheim and will remain their exclusive event.

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